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10 Easy Things You Need to Look for When Inspecting a Vintage, Classic, or Collectible Car Before a Purchase

Recently, a friend of OnAllCylinders had the opportunity to buy a 1970 Chevy Impala coupe—and not just any Impala coupe, one with the relatively rare LS4 option which put a […]

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149 Classic and Performance Vehicles to be Sold by Feds at Online Auction

The U.S. Marshals are selling 149 classic vehicles at auction that were seized last December in a law enforcement raid of failed start-up energy company DC Solar which sold mobile […]

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Legislative News: Federal Bill to Reduce Ethanol Mandates (& Other News)

Editor’s Note: OnAllCylinders is dedicated to keeping enthusiasts informed about legislation that could affect their hobby. We’ve created a semi-regular feature, “Legislative News,” to highlight important government bills and other legislation […]

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All You Want For Christmas: 10 Cars Readers Wish Santa Would Deliver

  The question was asked: If you could have any car ever made for Christmas, what would it be? Why? A bunch of you answered, and here are several of those: […]

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Cuban Rulers: Classic American Cars Still Rule the Roads in Cuba—Is That About to Change?

Since the 1959 Cuban revolution in which Fidel Castro came into power, Cubans have been banned from importing American cars. And until recently, most Cubans—with the exception of officials, doctors, and […]

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The 10 Cars of 2014 That Will Be Tomorrow’s Classics (According to Hagerty, at Least)

If you had a crystal ball in your tool chest, which 2014 model cars would be considered classics 20 years from now? We could make a few educated guesses, but […]

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Lambrecht Chevrolet Collection Up For Auction

How you would like to be the original owner of a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, two-door hard top with a V8 and a manual transmission? Thanks to Ray Lambrecht and his […]