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First Glimpse of the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel?

Word has it the Chevy Silverado will get a diesel option on the half-ton models. Currently, heavy-duty trucks are equipped with the Duramax diesel, but early rumors have placed the […]

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The Hottest Rides and Gearhead Photos from Instagram (#offroad) – June 2017

We love the simple purity Instagram provides as a tool for capturing life and sharing it with the world. This week, the OnAllCylinders editorial staff browsed your Instagram posts (#offroad). We are […]

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SEMA 2016 Preview: Chevy to Introduce 2017 Silverado Carhartt Concept at SEMA Show

(Image/ It’s a match made in Detroit. Two iconic Detroit, MI-based brands teamed up to create a truck more than a century in the making. Chevrolet announced this week that […]

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Steel vs. Aluminum: New Chevrolet Campaign Swipes at Ford F-150’s Aluminum Body

Depending on your point of view, an aluminum truck body is either : A) A fuel-saving stroke of genius. B) An invitation to higher repair costs. Ford redesigned its ultra-popular […]