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Video: How to Remove Overspray without Damaging Your Car or Truck’s Paint—No Polisher Required

Whether it’s from the factory or a neighbor’s sloppy rattlecan aim, overspray can make a good paint job look rough and dull. And while back in the day, removing overspray […]

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Time to Shine: Advance Your Paint-Restoration Skills

National Car Care Month is here and hopefully soon we will be cruising the town and headed to our favorite car shows. Now is the time to get that ride […]

Using a Polisher on Automotive Paint
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Video: How to Use a Polisher to Detail Your Car

Detailing your ride? Using a polisher is a great way to save time as well as prevent arm and hand fatigue. Provided you do it right, of course. The detailing experts […]

Chemical Guys flowchart for auto detailing
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Auto Detailing 101: Chemical Guys Flowchart for Proper Car Detailing (with Video)

Ever wonder whether you should apply wax or sealant first? Or whether using a spray wax provides any type of benefit after applying a Carnauba wax? The Chemical Guys have […]