Chemical Guys flowchart for auto detailing

(Image/Chemical Guys)

Ever wonder whether you should apply wax or sealant first? Or whether using a spray wax provides any type of benefit after applying a Carnauba wax?

The Chemical Guys have you covered. They created a popular auto-detailing flowchart that some of you have likely seen before.

In today’s video, you’ll hear the importance of a thorough wash, why it’s important to use a clay lubricant with a detailing clay bar to remove unwanted contaminants like brake dust, tar, and overspray, as well as why you shouldn’t use soap and water instead of a specialty lubricant.

After that, you’ll learn how to evaluate the state of your vehicle’s paint, which you’ll then use to determine the proper next steps and the detailing products you’ll need to complete the job.

Check it out here: