alex taylor's 1955 chevy c10 drag race
(Image/Megan Taylor)

One of the best parts of any car show is the opportunity to flip through a build book. They usually follow a familiar pattern.

First, snapshots of a complete basket case being trailered home. Then, pictures of a garage with the disassembled car’s parts scattered across floor and workbench. Some shots of welding and painting, some Summit Racing boxes delivered to the front porch. And finally, the finished product is parked before you.

alex taylor working on the engine of her 1955 chevy
(Image/Megan Taylor)

Alex Taylor took a different approach.

She and her dad documented the build process for this 1955 Chevy 210 on her YouTube channel, as well as the “Quest For The Sixes” series of articles on this very blog.

alex taylor's 1955 chevy 210 with clip removed to show engine
(Image/Megan Taylor)

“Not once had my dad and I teamed up for a race week or a drag week,” Alex recalls. “So, rather than tear apart our respective 8-second cars to try and get into the 7s, my dad pitched the idea of building a tube-frame car together and go for the 6s.”

alex and dan taylor with 6 second timeslip
(Image/Megan Taylor)

Two years and thousands of test-and-tune miles later, Alex completed her quest at Sick Week in 2023. “Everybody’s like, ‘What did you do to go from the sevens to finally hitting sixes back-to-back-to-back?’ That’s a good question. It’s not (the car) being really mechanically changed so much. It’s just fine tuning the car.”

alex taylor with land speed camaro at bonneville
(Image/Megan Taylor)

Along the way, lots of additional opportunities appeared for Alex, including co-hosting “Hot Rod Garage” with Lucky Costa on the Motortrend+ streaming network, starting her own shop, land speed racing at Bonneville, and competing in the Rebelle off-road rally!

alex taylor working on her 1955 chevy 210 during sick week
(Image/Megan Taylor)

“We have a lot going on, but we’re still not done with the 210,” Alex says. “The engine and drivetrain were borrowed from my dad’s Nova almost three years ago, and he’s been asking for them back!”

alex taylor with laptop tuning 1955 chevy drag car
(Image/Megan Taylor)

Alex Taylor’s 1955 Chevy 210 Fast Specs

Engine & Transmission


Induction & Fuel

Ignition & Electrical


  • Custom 2-1/4″ stainless steel headers by Dennis Taylor





  • SFI 25.3 certified custom steel tube frame

Rear End

Suspension & Steering






  • 1955 Chevy 210


  • ProGlass windows, steel roof and quarters, carbon fiber/fiberglass front clip, doors, trunk lid, bumpers, and custom rear wing
  • Body work by Dennis Taylor





Special Thanks to:

Dennis, Debbie, and Megan Taylor

Author: Derek Manke

Derek Manke is a contributor to and has been a writer with Summit Racing Equipment since 2002. He’s an enthusiast for all kinds of technology, including aerospace, robotics, toys, watches, and especially race cars. Derek’s children try to show him funny Internet videos, but he has already seen them.