OnAllCylinders Podcast (Ep. 13): Ultra4 Racer John Grounds

Part rock crawler, part dune buggy, part stadium truck. That pretty much sums up the vehicles John Grounds campaigns in Ultra4 Racing, including the grueling and highly popular King of the Hammers event. These unique rigs, along with the events they’re built for, require special driving and wrenching skills. And as you can imagine (if you don’t already know), they are incredibly fun to see in action! As the owner of Proving Grounds Racing, John proved himself by methodically working his way up into Ultra4 Racing’s 4500 Modified and 4400 Unlimited classes. But you don’t have to have vehicles like the ones shown here to get your start in this fun and challenging sport. John joined us to talk about his season (the first in which he’s campaigned multiple vehicles) and provide some tips for getting started in the sport.

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