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Love Story: Dennis Stiffler’s 1969 Chevy Camaro

“Every car has a story, and every car guy wants to tell you that story.”

Dennis Stiffler

To hear him tell it, the story behind his fantastic F-body was many years in the making. “I fell in love with the 1969 Camaro as a young man. When Pro Touring cars became popular, I knew I had to have one.”

Without a doubt, Dennis’ Camaro has the looks to thrill, and enough LS3 horsepower under the hood to make his heart race whenever he steps on the accelerator. There’s a lot more to this automotive love story, and Dennis is more than happy to tell you all about it.

(Image/Summit Racing)

From bumper to bumper, Dennis Stiffler’s 1969 F-body is absolutely flawless. “A car needs to look good from the outside,” says Dennis. I like an original look with some modern upgrades. It’s the best of both worlds.”

True-to-form, the Camaro’s classic lines are covered with a spectacular Iridium Silver paint job, and there are lots of the latest go-fast goodies under the cowl induction hood. But this extraordinary Chevy is so much more than a collection of parts. It’s the culmination of a life-long passion for Detroit Iron that started in Dennis’s junior year of high school.

“My mother bought a brand new 1966 Olds Cutlass and I bought that car from her. I still have it! I also have a 1967 Nova that I love, and a 1965 442.”

(Image/Summit Racing)

What’s under the hood, you say? Well, look closely—Dennis left a clue with this custom badge.

“I wanted to name the car. The name had to tie the car’s LS3 engine and silver color together. My son and I brainstormed a few ideas, and LSilv3r popped into our heads. I really don’t remember which one of us thought of it first,” says Dennis with a laugh!

(Image/Summit Racing)

As advertised, the immaculately prepared engine bay houses some serious LS3 muscle. Dennis took pains to keep the plumbing and wiring tidy and mostly out of sight. A Holley Sniper EFI system handles the induction duties, and also provides a handy hiding place for the LS3’s coil packs.

“I epoxied the coils to the manifold, and they barely fit. I was worried there might be some electrical interference but it works fine,” explains Dennis

(Image/Summit Racing)

A pair of Eddie Motorsports hinges look great and help with the heavy lifting when it’s time to open the hood. Dennis’ hand-bent A/C lines run in perfect symmetry and snake behind the wheel well for a clean, show-winning look. It’s a testament to his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

(Image/Summit Racing)

Inside, the well-appointed interior is all business with some improvements, of course. “Those door panels were a GM option back in ’69,” says Dennis. “I saw them on another Camaro and thought they were custom. When I found out they were a deluxe factory upgrade, I wanted a set for my car.”

Speaking of upgrades, the Camaro’s cabin also features modern creature comforts like a Vintage Air A/C system, Pioneer stereo, and leather-lined Recaro seats.

(Image/Summit Racing)

When Dennis rolls out, he rides on a set of Fikse Profil-5S wheels wrapped with sticky Nitto 555 tires. The wheel’s split-spoke design combined with low-profile rubber serves up plenty of Pro-Touring style and performance.

Plus, a beefy Baer disk brake system is always on call when Dennis needs to rein in that LS3-generated forward progress.

(Image/Summit Racing)

“I found the car in New Jersey. It was just a shell, and I thought it only needed block sanding and paint. But after it was media blasted, it was so bad I considered scrapping it,” says Dennis.

It’s a familiar story, but he persevered and enlisted some help from pros at Dutchboys Hotrods and Wing’s Auto Art. As you can see the results are simply spectacular. 

(Image/Summit Racing)

The 1969 Camaro arrives dressed to impress with a red Chevy Bowtie. Wait a minute… a red bowtie?

“The original Bowtie was blue, but I wanted to add a splash of color that would tie in with the LSilv3r badges,’’ explains Dennis. It’s a subtle touch to be sure, but it’s just one more thing to love about this custom Camaro.

(Image/Summit Racing)

With the support of his wife Susan—plus some help from a talented group of builders—Dennis poured six years into this labor of love. We say it was time very well spent indeed!


Dennis Stiffler’s 1969 Chevy Camaro Fast Specs




Engine and Transmission



  • Bodywork By: Dutchboys Hotrods, Vicksburg, MI
  • Paint By: Wing’s Auto Art, Ionia, MI
  • Paint: PPG Mercedes Iridium Silver



  • Seats and Upholstery: Recaro seats with leather upholstery, black carpeting
  • Upholstery By: Bohde’s Custom Auto Interior, Ligonier, IN
  • Other Items: Detroit Speed dash insert and roll bar, Speedhut gauges, Pioneer head unit, JL Audio amp, speakers, and subwoofer
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