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Hemmings Auction Find of the Week: 1969 Camaro SS 396

What’s happening over Hemmings Auctions right now?  We’d like to draw your attention to this ‘Day Two’ style 1969 Chevy Camaro SS 396 with a four-speed stick. Day Two muscle cars have bolt-on appearance and performance enhancements owners often made the day after they purchased their car. That’s what this authentic, X22-code 1969 Camaro SS 396 delivers with its period Cragar S/S wheels, chrome engine accents, headers and classic traction bars.

From the auction description:

The 396 has a stamp on the block indicating the engine is the 325 horsepower version installed in 1969 Camaros with a manual transmission. The engine’s July assembly date and the car’s September build date mean this engine could very well be the one installed when it was new. The seller says the 396 has about 300 miles on a complete rebuild. Upgrades include a new Summit 750-cfm four-barrel carburetor drawing through a functional cowl-induction system, Edelbrock intake manifold, MSD distributor and electronic ignition, header, and chrome dress-up accessories. It’s backed by a Muncie four-speed manual transmission and a 12-bolt rear axle.

The chassis and suspension components are reported to be in good order, with no known needs or leaks. The owner reports that the car “drives straight,” with no vibration on the highway and a good, firm brake pedal. Aftermarket enhancements include slapper-style traction bars and a set of 15 inch Cragar S/S shod with BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires that are about four years old.

The Camaro got a respray of the original Olympic Gold exterior color six years ago. The seller says he has seen no rust on the body.

The black vinyl interior is in very good condition, with no tears or cracks in the seat upholstery, no sagging in the headliner, no splits or cracks in the dash pad and carpet that shows minimal wear. The owner added a factory-style, in-dash tachometer, along with center console gauges. All of the instruments work normally, as well as all of the interior lights. Air conditioning was added as well.


One thing Hemmings Auctions has no other auction site does is the Winner Welcome Package. If you bid on and win a Hemmings vehicle auction, you’ll also get a healthy discount from Summit Racing to get parts, car care products, tools, fluids, or anything else you’ll need when your four-wheeled baby arrives. Auction winners automatically get a Winner Welcome Package email after the auction ends with instructions on how to get the Summit Racing discount. It’s like winning twice!

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  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    I remember the awesome power of the 396 engine option. Every time I raced one, it would typically get a huge hole shot on me. But in typical fashion of my ‘69 Mach 1 Mustang with its optional 428 Cobra Jet with the C-6 automatic, after about 300 feet of limited traction and clouds of tire smoke, it would hook up and blast by the mighty 396. Thanks for the memories.
    And the beat goes on….

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