Are projects ever really finished?

For many of us, we’re always on to the next thing with our project vehicles. We’re never done, seldom completely satisfied, and always looking at the next step along the way.

It’s almost a sickness. But Summit Racing’s Facebook Fans sometimes provide group therapy (and inspiration) by sharing their works in progress on Work In Progress Wednesday (WIPWednesday).

Check out some of these projects your fellow gearheads have going.

Got a never-ending project? These folks are right there with you:

“1997 C5 Corvette. Everything custom was made in house. We did all the anodizing, chrome plating, polishing, carbon fiber work etc. This was my dad’s pride and joy, but he passed away in January. Finishing it in his memory.”–Ronnie O.

“Want to do brakes and steering…matching numbers 440 4 speed manual… would like to keep it as original as possible…..” –Andrew L.

“68 clone getting ready to put some Summit Racing paint on it jet black.” William R.

“On hold for the summer; will be back at it when the weather gets a little friendlier.” –Rob C.

’89 944 getting an LT1-based 302 and Terminator X management system.”Jeff D.

“383 going in my ’74 Nova…just need the trans rebuilt for more power.”Robert M.

“Engine build and swap.” Torbjern M.

“69 Camaro restoration…long way to go but shell is brand new!” –Mike S.

“1984 Kenworth W900B. Currently replacing rear suspension bushings and rear stabilizer bar hangers.” –Kris A.

“Missing a cross sill and need all the right hardware but the bed is in primer and ready for bodywork ‘n paint.” –Ta W.

“Future paint and more chrome on our 1971 Mini 18… “ –Missy B.

“66 El Camino, healthy 327. Got engine broke in last week. Now back to Summit Racing for exhaust.” –Ron L.

“My 72 Duster with 360 ci engine, 727 torqueflite transmission, and 8.8 rearend. Hopefully will be done by spring. It’s got multiple parts from Summit Racing!” –Mark R.

“My ’70 coupe. Just about ready for paint.” –Dan P.

“My first truck I bought and sold and finally was able to get it back 4 years later. ’78 K20…motor’s a little tired but nothing a Summit trip can’t fix.” –Cedric B.

“69 Camaro LS1 project.” –Gene Q.

“Never ending project. Make it, run it, make it better, ruin it, make it better again…” –Christer D.

“A little suspension and brake work on “Hiz Honor” with parts bought from Summit.” –Todd W.

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Author: David Fuller

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