For 25 years, Jerry Dixey has managed the Street Rodder Road Tour, which has allowed him to criss-cross the country and attend some of hot rodding’s premier events in a different, custom car each year. All told, he’s logged over 500,000 miles while promoting Street Rodder magazine at different venues around the country.

This year was to be the 25th–and last–year of the Road Tour following the discontinuation of Street Rodder magazine (in print; you can still find Street Rodder online). It was to be Dixey’s “swan song” of sorts on the tour.

But, like it has so many times, COVID-19 ruined the fun.

Due to the pandemic, the Lokar/Street Rodder Road Tour was canceled…but not before a 25th anniversary car was completed for the event. Like he did for the very first tour in 1996, Dixey teamed up with Lokar and Summit Racing to build this year’s car, which is based on the original “Blue Skunk” 1934 Ford that started it all.

The 25th anniversary car was built by Precision Hot Rods and Fabrication in Macedonia, OH. It sports a 1933 Ford grille with 1934 doors, causing some debate among the street rodding crowd. Dixey calls it a 1934 and likes how it pays homage to the original Street Rodder Road Tour Ford without duplicating it. While the original features a Chevy engine, the 25th anniversary edition has a Ford powerplant. The original is blue, but the new ’34 is beautiful black with silver stripes to mark the tour’s silver anniverasary.

Dixey is still managing to have some fun with the original “Blue Skunk” and 25th anniversary 34 Fords. For example, he paid a visit to Summit Racing’s Tallmadge, OH headquarters to show off the cars, do a couple social media and TV appearances, and watch the ’34s grab the spotlight on Summit Racing’s retail store turntables. They’ll remain there over the next few weeks for local car enthusiasts to admire.

Here’s a sneak peek at each car:

Street Rodder Road Tour “Blue Skunk” 1934 Ford Coupe

The ‘Blue Skunk’ was the first Street Rodder Magazine Road Tour car, built in 1996 at Lobeck’s V8 Shop 


Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes

Other Items

All images/Lokar

Lokar Street Rodder Road Tour 25th Anniversary 1934 Ford Coupe

Built by Dan Tesar and Larry Brunkala at Precision Hot Rods and Fabrication, Macedonia, OH


Chassis and Suspension



Body and Paint


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Author: David Fuller

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