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Spare Part Art: 25 Ways to Put Your Spare Parts to Use

Got spare parts laying around? What about extra “social distancing” time on your hands?

Summit Racing’s Facebook fans have shared a few ways to get creative with spare parts and tools.

Get inspired with these ideas:

Connor B.: Radiator Waterfall
Dave S.: Air Cleaner Clock
Dave S.: Desk Furniture
Dave S.: Oil Filter Lamps
David B.: Small Block Grill
Dink M.: Mailbox
Erick J.: Beetle TV Stand
Heath I.: Bathroom Vanity
Jack R.: Toilet Paper Holder
Jeff D.: Vice and Tool Holder
Jeff W.: Bar Stools
Jonathan D.: Rocking Chair
Lynn: Trunk Bench
Mike G.: Mailbox
Mustang Doug: Garage Stools
Nick W.: Valve Cover Racers
Phil H.: Tailgate Bench
Rick B.: Custom Wheelchair
Robert B.: Tricycle
Scott G.: Rat Rod Wagon
Suzi S.: Jeep Desk
Tim P.: Engine Block Table
Tommy D.: Rear Bumper Wall Airt
Travis H.: Rat Rod Go Kart
Trevor K.: Detroit Diesel Desk
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  1. Dink (Bill) Moore says:

    That’s some cool ideas.Glad to see my mailbox made the list.

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  3. I really like the Jeep desk and the air cleaner clock!

  4. Amazing article thanks for sharing a great resource.

  5. Denis Pol says:

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  6. Janet Locane says:

    It’s interesting, thanks!

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