Being a hot rodder, car enthusiast, or truck fanatic makes you cool.

Being a hot rodder, car enthusiast or truck fanatic on the front lines against COVID-19 makes you — well, awesome! It also makes you courageous and very, very appreciated. Whether you’re caring for others in hospitals, keeping us safe as a firefighter or police officer, keeping stores stocked as a truck driver or retail worker, or working to keep our utilities up and running, we can’t thank you enough!

Although we’re only featuring a few of you here, we appreciate all of you.

Thomas C.: 1983 C10, TSA Dallas, TX
Stacey A.: 1970 C10 & 1933 Ford, Biomedical Specialist, South Carolina.
Shelley M.: Patient Pharmacy Tech
Scott G.: 1998 Camaro SS, Corrections Officer
Russell: 1965 Mustang Coupe and 1987 Buick Regal, Hospital Pharmacist in SW Oklahoma
Rob S.: 1934 Confederate Utility Worker for Gas Company in Pittsburgh, PA
Lisa: 2015 Scat Pack, Healthcare Worker in Eastern North Carolina
John R.: Ford Mustang, Firefighter/EMT
Joey S.: 1970 Pontiac LeMans, Hospital Worker
Joe H.: 1972 Chevy Nova, Powerplant Electrician
Jason T.: 1988 Ram D-150, Firefighter/First Responder
James L.: 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass, Law Enforcement in Chicago area
Greg A.: 1977 Corvette, Respiratory Therapist, Tyler, TX
Gabe C.: Law Enforcement
Daniel M.: 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix, Law Enforcement
Caleb: Firefighter/Paramedic in Illinois
Brandon S.: 1957 Chevy 210, Law Enforcement in Minnesota
Bill G.: 1969 Buick Skylark, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT in middle Tennessee
Andy: Paramedic/Firefighter in New York
Michele A.: 1968 Camaro, Police Officer in Southwestern Virginia
Rick C.: 1961 Volvo 544 Special, Truck Driver in Akron, OH
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Author: David Fuller

David Fuller is OnAllCylinders' managing editor. During his 20-year career in the auto industry, he has covered a variety of races, shows, and industry events and has authored articles for multiple magazines. He has also partnered with mainstream and trade publications on a wide range of editorial projects. In 2012, he helped establish OnAllCylinders, where he enjoys covering all facets of hot rodding and racing.