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Parts Bin: Customize Tires with Tire Stickers Permanent Raised Letter Kits (Video)

Remember using Porta-walls and tire crayons to make your tires look snazzy?

It’s the 21st century, for Pete’s sake—so getting a Tire Stickers permanent raised letter kit is the modern way to customize your tires.

Tire Stickers are letter decals made from 0.5mm thick rubber. Each kit is pre-curved to fit a specific tire.

Installation is pretty painless—clean your tires thoroughly with acetone or brake cleaner, apply the included adhesive to the back of the Tire Sticker, then firmly press it in place and remove the transfer film. Watch the video above for a demonstration and instruction.

The result is an awesome look that is permanent—Tire Stickers guarantees the decals will stay stain-free under normal driving conditions.

If mud, brake dust, or some other yuck gets on them, just clean the decals with standard whitewall cleaning agent, dirt and oil remover, acetone, or rubbing alcohol.

NOTE: Tire Stickers strongly recommends staying away from automatic car wash systems that grab or rub against the tires to prevent damage to your decals.

Each Tire Stickers permanent raised letter kit includes decals, tire adhesive, gloves, rubber cleaner, and instructions.

Kits are available with Ford, Chevy, and Dodge vehicle logos or with logos for tires by BFGoodrich, Continental, Goodyear, Nitto, and many others.

Most Tire Stickers come in white; some are available in white and red.

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  1. Where can I get tire stickers ? How much does it coast ?

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