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With an impressive capacity to tote, tow, and trek just about anywhere and carry just about anything, SUVs have made their way into the hearts and garages of everyone from hip-hop celebrities to stay-at-home soccer moms.

With that said, it’s no surprise that Chris Glenn, the owner of Highway 5 Auto Center and Restoration in Whitesburg, GA—who knows a thing or two about project cars—chose a 1976 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne as his restoration project of choice.

Glenn purchased the new toy with the intent to take it off-roading.

But before tires met gravel, there were a few kinks to work out. When Glenn pulled the top off of his “new” Blazer, the need for a little elbow grease quickly became apparent.

“I originally bought it to fix up to ride back roads, but when I pulled the fiberglass top off, there were rust spots along the sides of the truck bed,” he said.

(Image/Chris Glenn)

The K5 needed work. According to Glenn, “that is what started the restoration process.”

Glenn worked with Lee McRae, Greg Cleveland, Jeff Kimmons, Kevin Holt, John Hunter, Corey Wages, and Lamar Peppers over the course of a year to fully restore the Blazer.

“Some of the guys that helped me I’ve known my whole life and a few others work in the shop at my auto center,” Glenn said.

Although he keeps pretty busy at his auto center, Glenn hopes to do more rebuilds in the future.

“I’ve always been interested and enjoyed working on vehicles and doing restorations” he said.

We hope he gets another project or two under his belt too.



  • Stock frame with 4″ suspension lift
  • Stock rear axle
  • Stock, lifted front and rear suspension
  • Stock brake system and stock steering
  • Factory center caps with 35/10.50R15 Super Swamper TSL radials



  • Pickup tailgate and soft top
  • Orange and white exterior paint done by Peppers Auto

Special Thanks to:

  • Peppers Auto
  • Finish Master
(Image/Chris Glenn)
(Image/Chris Glenn)
(Image/Chris Glenn)
(Image/Chris Glenn)
(Image/Chris Glenn)
(Image/Highway 5 Auto Center)
(Image/Highway 5 Auto Center)