1. Aaron’s 1975 Chevrolet Laguna S3 “Big Red Too

  2. Frank’s Chevelle

  3. bradley gehring says:

    James’s 68 Chevelle!



  6. David Pilkinton says:

    David’s 70 Chevorlet chevelle

  7. David’s 1970 blown Chevelle

  8. Shane Mckinney says:

    David’s 70 Chevelle!

  9. David 70 chevelle

  10. Nick Hardecke says:

    David’s 70 chevelle

  11. Eric Hemphill says:

    David’s 70 Chevelle.

  12. Andy’s Ford Fairlane

  13. Andy’s 1967 Ford Fairlane

  14. Andy’s 1967 Ford Fairlane

  15. Gregg Bruce says:

    Andy’s 67 Fairlane

  16. Courtney Duke says:

    Andy’s 1967 Ford Fairlane

  17. Andy’s 67 Fairlane

  18. Andys ford fairlane

  19. Andy’s 67 ford

  20. Andy’s ford

  21. Steve meehan says:

    Andys ford fairlane

  22. Andy’s ford fairlane,

  23. Andrea Storm says:

    Andy’s Fairlane

  24. David’s 70 Chevy Chevelle

  25. Fraser Royal says:

    Andy’s ’67 Fairlane

  26. Andy’s Ford Fairlane, BadAss

  27. Andy’s Ford Fairlane.

  28. Andy’s Ford Fairlane!

  29. Mike Defazio says:

    Beautiful car have to see the nice workmanship this guy can build them

  30. Michelle Trimmer says:

    Frank’s Chevelle

  31. Frank’s Chevelle!

  32. Dennis Yarberry Sr. says:

    Frank’s Chevelle

  33. Frank Chevelle

  34. Frank’s chevelle

  35. Franks 70 for sure

  36. Andy’s Fairlane

  37. Frank’s chevelle!!

  38. Jamie Rodriguez says:

    James’ 1968 Chevelle

  39. I vote Franks 70 Chevrolet chevelle

  40. 68 Chevelle

  41. David’s 70 Chevelle

  42. JD Purgason says:

    Definitely Frank’s Chevelle!!!!!!!
    Cause he told me to vote for him.

  43. Definitely Frank’s Chevelle!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cause my Husband told me that Frank told him to vote for him.

  44. Liberty Smith says:

    Andy’s 67 Fairlane!!

  45. David’s 70 chevelle

  46. Darrell Hardecke says:

    David’s 1970 chevelle

  47. Mike’s AMC Gremlin

  48. Mike’s AMC Gremlin

  49. Renee Bailey says:

    David’s 1970 chevelle

  50. Andy’s Fairlane!

    At our detailing shop last month, we detailed a 73′ Fairlane. One of the favorite cars that I’ve ever worked on. The interior, exterior, and engine were all in pristine condition. Wish I would’ve taken a picture..

    Thanks for all the great photos here!

  51. My favourite is David’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

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  52. My favourite is Andys ford Fairlane

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  53. Definitely David’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cause my Wife told me that Frank told her to vote for him.

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  54. Beautiful car have to see the nice workmanship this guy can build them

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  55. I vote for David’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle.
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  56. The Aaron’s 1975 Chevrolet Laguna S3 “Big Red Too” is a gorgeous one. Liked it!

  57. Very interesting. Love these cars!

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