Veterans—thank you for all you do to protect our country, our freedoms, and our values. You are our true heroes for your honor, bravery, and dedication.

We wanted to give an extra “hats-off” to all the veterans and active military members within the hot rodding, racing, and off-roading communities. You know…gearheads! From the World War II vets who started the hot rodding/drag racing movement to the veterans who keep the hobby going strong today, U.S. military personnel hold a special place in the American automotive community.

Our friends at Summit Racing recently asked veterans and active military members to share their rides and on-going projects on the Summit Racing Facebook page. They got hundreds of responses, and they’ve allowed us to share a small sampling here.  

“I’m not (a veteran) but my dad is a Vietnam Vet. This is the 69 RS/SS Camaro he ordered while still in Vietnam. He sold it in 76 and we found, bought back, and restored in 2013.” — Jason K.

“Army veteran here. Mine is the closest one and is a 74 Chevelle that I’m restoring. The other one is a buddy’s 75 Chevelle.” — Robert T.

“US Army retired: 1966 C10 350/350 combo 4bbl 3.73 posi. Owned for 20 yrs.” — Luis C.

“Got rid of the Corvette and bought a motorcycle instead😂 I have a Suzuki, Softail deluxe and I’ll be purchasing a Chief this spring. Currently an Active Duty Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps!” — Justin D.

“USAF Aircraft Mechanic: My 34 Ford roadster that I am currently building. Hoping to finish it this winter!” — Kyle G.


“US Marine Corps ’09-’13: Here’s my ’79 K5 blazer. My Christmas present to myself when I came back from deployment in ’11. She’s been a daily driver for most of it! Transfer case gave out, and I finally got approval from the wife to start the rebuild! Gonna get a 6.0 or 6.2 from a totaled out escalade, take the 4l80e, the seats, the sound system, and rebuild everything. Can’t wait to get started!” — Lee G.

“USAF: 1951 M37 with complete 1998 Dodge 1500 drive train 5.9 magnum automatic with A/C and heat.” — Ted B.

“My 84 year old father’s 59 Impala that he restored and drives a lot. He served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War.” — Marc S.

“0311 Marine and my tribute to General Mattis ‘68 Bel Air with 5.9L Cummins swap.” — Tim M.

“USAF Retired – 67 Camaro, ZZ4(reworked), M-21, 3.73 rear, cage, frame stiffeners and good old fashioned slapper bars.” — Ron S.

“US Army medically retired 2009 2nd ID:   2013 GT500 KB swapped on e85 tuned by Triangle Speed Shop. All wrenching and work done by me and the wife.” — Joshua L.

“Army veteran, this is mine, injected 385cid methanol burning sdc, glide with a brake, 5500rpm JW converter. Spitzer four link car all chrome moly.” — Thomas W.

“U.S. Air Force, 31652F, Titan II Missile Guidance and Electronics Specialist, 381st MIMS, Mc Connell AFB, KS, 1976-1980.
I know it’s not a muscle car, but it is what I love. Many, many parts came from Summit. Thanks for your help.” — Chuck P.

“Earl W. Leventry, my father who served in Vietnam, and we built this bad ass 1929 Model A Ford Sedan. Thanks Dad and all the other who have served so we can do things like this.” — Joe L.


“Navy, Seabee vet. My 1992 Jeep Wrangler. Top is when I got it 3 years ago, bottom is the how it sits currently. Quite a few Summit parts in her.” — Forest M.

“Jerry Seccuro Army Veteran…Best Home Build Goodguys Nationals and Cool Custom Award winner Goodguys Nationals Columbus, Ohio. This car was in a show room display in 64 when he returned home from Germany and the car disappeared until 97 when he bought it and fully customized the car.” — Jason S.

’72 Corvette LT1 350cid with a Muncie 4-speed all original with 71k miles numbers matching……Air Force ’88-’95, Desert Storm Veteran” — Russ G.

“Command and control battle management in the Air Force (12 years time in service so far): Me and my daughters rides. She will start racing next year and I secured a back to back state championship in my 440 powered 1972 Duster. I have spent a LOT of money on Summit Racing Equipment over the last 3 years to build my car!” — Alex V.

“This picture is from a while ago but she still looks like this today. I’m hoping to one day have her looking like she just came out of the factory. I’m active duty so she’s been sitting back home while my wife takes care of her. This truck is the same one I drove to prom in high school.” — Jacob G.

“Here is my 1966 Chevelle turbo 5.3 LS backed by a T56 transmission. I am Active duty Marine Corps going on 8 year now and I have had the Chevelle for almost 18 years. Soon she’s about to be upgraded to a twin turbo 408LS with a lot of parts provided by Summit Racing.” — Travis K.

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Author: David Fuller

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