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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): Right Stuff Detailing Signature Series Brake Booster/Master Cylinder Combos

Right Stuff Detailing has combined its brake boosters and master cylinders into one combo that delivers big stopping power in a small package: The Signature Series Chrome Booster/Master Cylinder combo!

These great-looking, convenient kits include a chrome-plated 8 1/2″ Slimline brake booster.¬†You also get your choice of a 1-inch or 1 1/8-inch bore master cylinder. Right Stuff aluminum master cylinders are completely new units, with no core charge.

The kits are available with or without the proportioning valve and come with all the necessary installation hardware. They fit 1967-69 GM F-body, 1964-72 GM A-body, and 1968-74 GM X-body.


  1. Would like to have one love summit

  2. Would love to win one ! Summit rocks !!

  3. i need one for my 71 malibu. summit is the best

  4. Michael Wisdom says:

    Please enter me!

  5. Would love to have one for 72 Cutlass.

  6. Ruben Guerrero says:

    Awesome I have a 67 camaro.with the original equipment. Except master cyl.i would love one of these….nine is way outdated….

  7. I’d like to have one for my chev 86 4×4 shortbed..

  8. Aubrey Morrell says:

    Would love to have that setup for my 1963 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe.

  9. Mike Bowker says:

    That would look awesome on my 25 milk wagon.

  10. Dave Burden says:

    Not for G body cars ? Would look awesome

  11. Would really love one for my 68 convertible camaro…one of the things on my wish list.luv summit..

  12. My 38 would love to have one.

  13. Terry Beasley says:

    Would love it for my Nova. Everything else is Summit.

  14. I got a right stuff brake booster and master cylinder and its a four bolt booster and i have a 1965 nova i need to know if there is something I can get to convert it to for a two bolt installation my steering column has two bolts on the brake pedal mount thats comes out of the firewall .i need a proportioning value

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