FiTech Go EFI

(Image/Summit Racing)

FiTech has changed the world of aftermarket EFI forever.

The company’s Go EFI systems have greatly simplified the process of converting to electronic fuel injection and made it affordable for the masses.

The Go EFI 4 self-tuning fuel injection, for example, is rated at 600 horsepower but is suitable for engines from 200-650 hp. It’s perfect for your everyday driver right up to your weekend street machine or bracket racer. It features the fastest, most accurate, self-learning available, timing control, wet flow annular discharge, and tons of additional features.

The Go EFI system fits any four-barrel intake manifold and is the most self-contained and full-featured unit of this type. The ECU (computer) is mounted on the throttle body, which greatly simplifies installation—no hole in your firewall or unsightly harness draped across your engine. This is also the only computer-mounted throttle body that offers spark control without the need for an external spark box or special distributor.

It also has a built-in fuel pressure regulator. A hand-held controller features a touch screen for quick and easy initial set-up.

Let more about it in this video:

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Author: David Fuller

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