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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): AutoMeter Chrono Series Gauges

AutoMeter Chrono Series gauges

(Image/Summit Racing)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That’s especially true in the automotive industry, where tastes are subjective and styles change constantly.

That goes for everything from vehicle designs to paint and wheels—and yes, even gauges. Sure, gauges have important jobs, but AutoMeter strives to be on the cutting-edge of the constantly evolving styles so they always look good while delivering precision, real-time performance feedback.

Case in point: AutoMeter’s Chrono Series gauges.

These two-inch, 320-degree sweep gauges deliver timeless, yet modern styling along with these other features:

  • Unique 3D dial design gives added depth and style to your custom dash.
  • Lit LCD odometer—capable of registering 1 million miles with two resettable trip odometers.
  • Metric and imperial scalings for easily relatable readings on applications around the world without the need for mental unit conversions.
  • Modern white LED through-the-dial lighting provides clear visibility during nighttime use.
  • Compatible with most two wire sine wave and three wire hall effect vehicle speed sensors.
  • Simple push button, two-mile drive calibration. No dip switches!
  • Can be reprogrammed at any time to accommodate changes in gear ratio or wheel and tire combination.

See how they look in a ’67 Chevelle in this installation video:

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