The next generation in drop-in, affordable fuel system technology has arrived.

The new Aeromotive Gen II Stealth fuel tank utilizes Aeromotive’s patented and award-winning Phantom technology. This enables a quiet, high-flow EFI pump and baffle to maintain an ample fuel supply around the inlet of the pump. That, in turn, ensures consistent fuel delivery and drivability even in low fuel conditions.

Bottom line: Your fuel pump will be fed with an ample supply of fuel even under hard cornering, braking, and launch!

The Aeromotive Gen II Stealth tanks feature outlet and return ports along with electrical terminals positioned in the OEM location. This design enables flush installation to the vehicle floor and will not require strap modification or spacers. It’s a complete drop-in fuel system solution starting at just under $500!

The real key lies in the Stealth fuel pump technology.

The pump’s baffle/basket controls fuel slosh by keeping fuel at the pickup point (the pump) at all times. And, by putting the fuel pump in the tank, you virtually eliminate issues like cavitation and vapor lock because the pump is constantly submerged in cool fuel.

The Gen. II Stealth fuel tank comes with your choice of the original Phantom 340 with a 340 lph/90 psi pump that supports up to 1,000 horsepower, or the Phantom 200 with a 200 lph/90 psi pump that supports up to 750 horsepower.


See all the available applications here and get the full scoop in this video:

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Author: David Fuller

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