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Parts Bin (SEMA Edition): QA1 Handling Suspension Kits


QA1’s engineers have developed complete suspension systems purpose-built for specific Ford, GM, and Mopar vehicles. They feature perfectly matched components, designed to work together with the stock parts to achieve drivers’ performance handling goals.

The kits come in three different levels:

  • Level 1 Kits are designed for drivers who want to upgrade the car’s handling, but don’t want to significantly alter the ride height or quality. The kits come with a set of sway bars, end links, polyurethane bushings, control arms, and tie rod sleeves. Level 1 kits don’t include shocks, so drivers can select an option that’s best suited to their desired handling and ride characteristics.
  • Level 2 Kits take the Level 1 kits a step further, adding parts like upgraded upper/lower control arms and springs. They’re intended for spirited driving and the occasional autocross. QA1’s Level 2 kits also include adjustable shocks, which means drivers can tune the suspension for both ride height and handling performance.
  • QA1 intends Level 3 Kits for vehicles that spend most of the time at the track. The kits come with special, low friction control arms for bind-free operation front and rear. The shocks are now double-adjustable for more precise tuning and the whole kit is comprised of race-ready components.

For dedicated drag cars, QA1 makes Drag Race Suspension Kits, available in two tiers: Level 1 and Level 2. Just like the Handling Kits, going up a level adds more components tuned for more aggressive driving. The Level 2 drag packages include components to improve both straight line stability and 60 ft. times. These kits are geared toward average-weight small block and LS-powered vehicles with stock trim. QA1 carefully selected softer spring rates to maximize stored energy for weight transfer. The components offer easy bolt-in installation, and they work seamlessly with whatever OEM parts they attach to. For heavily modified vehicles, QA1 drag racing suspension kits are available with or without shocks and struts—giving you the flexibility to obtain the spring rates you need.

Each suspension piece is also available separately, allowing drivers to upgrade their suspension systems incrementally, as time or budget allows. Parts are interchangeable between performance levels, so for example adding parts from the level three kit to a level one kit is no problem. QA1 designs and manufactures each part in the U.S.A.

Current applications include:


  • 1964-78 A-Body
  • 1978-88 G-Body
  • 1967-2002 Camaro/Firebird


  • 1979-2014 Mustang


  • 1967-72 A-Body
  • 1966-74 B-/E-Body

Watch our exclusive installation video here:

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  1. the QA1 stuff is awesome I’ve used it many times gm /ford fox bodies and mopars it’s great quality and fits without hassles.I have the full kit in my personal car 69 dart and never driven better! Strip or street it can’t be beat!

  2. Looking to upgrade the suspension on my 68 Firebird and have heard QA1 is the way to go. Will be getting what I need soon and will be rolling next spring in better shape than I am now

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