1. That’s easy, the Mach, and I’m not a Ford guy.

  2. Mike Asmus says:

    They’re all really sweet, and although I’m a ’65 Malibu fanatic, I’ll have to say the ’33 Willys!

  3. Jerrod Warren says:

    Chris’ 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon hands down. That thing is a beast and happy to race with him and his family at Pacific Raceways in Kent Washington!

  4. The ’69 Chevelle!

  5. The boss 429 is for sale!!!

  6. I vote for Kristians 1966 Ford Mustang

  7. Sebastian’s Mach 1

  8. Sam Jewel says:

    Mustang still popular even until now. This cars never gets old, I can imagine the eyes of car collectors sparkling lol.


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