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TIERP, Sweden — During the Summit Racing Equipment Internationals at Tierp Arena, Sweden, the Summit Racing Pro ET/Super Pro ET Super Series track champions were honored for season-long achievements with a luncheon and individual recognition.

Qualifying events were hosted May through August at various drag strips in four countries. Overall championships will be awarded following the shoot-out style final event of the season there at Tierp Arena.

Summit Racing Super Series Track Champions, Pro ET:

Lindesberg: Hasse Nordström (SHRA Borås)

Sundsvall: Patrik Svensson SWE (SHRA Sundsvall)

Kauhava: Jarno Salonen FIN

Tallhed: Thomas Olsson SWE (SHRA Vansbro-Äppelbo)

Gardermoen: Alice Hauge NOR (Amcar Fredrikstad)

Mantorp: Martin Larsson  SWE (SMK Nyköping)

Fällfors: Jonas Larsson SWE (SMK Nyköping)

Haapsalu: Kristo Tihvan, EST (Pontiac Firebird Club Estonia)

Piteå: Ulf Zachrisson (SHRA Umeå)

Motopark: Mikko Ruusunen, FIN

Malmö: Richard Falkenberg, SWE (SRIF)

Vårgårda: Niklas Wikander, SWE (SHRA Borås) 

Summit Racing Super Series Track Champions, Super Pro ET:

Lindesberg: Mikael Nilsson ( SHRA Borås)

Sundsvall: Trine Fossum NOR (NMK Orkla)

Tallhed: Tommy Abrahamsson SWE (Uppsala Dragracingklubb)

Gardermoen: Janne Klungland NOR  ( Amcar)

Fällfors: Lucas Karlsson SWE (MDRF)

Piteå: Eirik Teigen NOR (Amcar Målselv)    

Malmö: Stefan Jansson, SWE (Gunroad DRC)

Vårgårda: Bjørn Hultberg, NOR (Amcar Sandefjord)

(All Images/Kelly Topolinski)

(All Images/Kelly Topolinski)

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Author: Kelly Wade