1. I like the Ford F100 and the Camaro the best.

  2. roland schaeffer says:

    I like the 1955chevy pickup

  3. addisons 56 f100 has my vote.

  4. I like the 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger

  5. brian crowe says:

    The 68 Camaro SS is really nice

  6. Phillips Rides are sweet !!!!

  7. Garry Johnson says:

    Philip’s 1941 Chevy and 1917 Model T

  8. Not sure how votes go but Georges 71 dart is my vote

  9. The 68 SS Camaro my vote

  10. The 68 Camaro SS gets my vote

  11. Richard’s Camaro gets my vote.

  12. Richards Camaro gets my vote also.

  13. Brian and Tracey Houle says:

    Georges 71 dodge dart wins hands down

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