As partners with Summit Racing, we were once again able to get a heads-up on Summit Racing’s Cyber Week deals, along with other holiday deals you won’t find listed anywhere else!

Summit Racing’s Cyber Week will cover an eight-day period, starting Monday, November 20, and ending at midnight Eastern on Monday, November 27. You can see all the Cyber Week deals at Summit Racing’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday page.

Cyber Weeks Deals (Nov. 20-27)

  • Save 10% on all products from 60 brands
  • Save up to 25% on select items from 13 brands
  • Earn Summit Bucks when you purchase products from 9 different brands

Cyber Week Savings on Gifts, Clothing & Memorabilia (Nov. 20-27)

  • Save up to 50% on select items
  • Special offers on more than 140 different products

You can also take advantage of offers that are not listed on the Cyber Week page. We’ve assembled many of them below (pay close attention to the expiration dates, because some of these offers will expire soon):

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Author: David Fuller

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