LAS VEGAS, NV—Wilwood’s Michael Hamrick has been to his share of SEMA Shows, but the 2017 version of the show included a first: a top prize in the annual SEMA New Products Awards.

It’s not like Wilwood doesn’t make great products—the company is one of the premier aftermarket brake and brake component manufacturers. But, after numerous nominations at past shows, its Tandem Brake and Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Assembly earned Wilwood top honors in the Best New Street Rod and Custom Car category for 2017.

Ironically, the product was intended for the racing market.

“It was brought up more for our race side,” said Michael Hamrick, events and promotions manager at Wilwood. “It’s for all the hobby stockers, circle track racers, because they always have a hard time when they get the shell of the cars. They’d have a hard time because they’d have to convert a car that didn’t have clutch into having a brake clutch. So our circle track guy said ‘we need to make this.”

Hamrick had a few ideas of his own.

“I thought, every street rodder and hot rodder that wants to do a hanging pedal is going to go completely crazy for this product,” he said.

The Wilwood Tandem Brake and Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Assembly drastically simplifies the process of installing a tandem outlet, single pushrod brake master cylinder in conjunction with a hydraulic clutch master cylinder. It mounts common horizontal flange tandem brake master cylinders with 3.25-inch bolt spacing, and uses vertical flange-mount clutch cylinders with 2.25-inch bolt spacing.

The assembly features a forward, swing-mount design that positions the cylinders outside the firewall away from the driver. It’s made with high-strength, H-beam-style aluminum arms, and the stainless steel foot pads are laterally adjustable.

The assembly is available in 6.25:1 or 7:1 ratios to accommodate many leverage and mounting requirements.

Race product? Street rod product? It’s really both and can make life a lot easier when building your custom or purpose-built vehicle.

Check out this video and see it in action:


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Author: David Fuller

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