LAS VEGAS, NV — Mike Staveski of RMR Dreamcars built Blow Dart, a killer 1967 Dodge Dart GTS, for the Trick Flow Specialties booth at the 2016 SEMA Show.

Now he’s back with another Trick Flow-upgraded car called “Throwback.”

The 1969 Mustang serves as the perfect testing ground for Trick Flow’s soon-to-be-released Ford FE cylinder heads. The Mustang’s 462-cubic-inch Ford FE big block features a Scat rotating assembly and Howard’s roller camshaft to go along with those prototype Trick Flow PowerPort® cylinder heads. 

The front suspension is Mustang II with coil-overs; out back is a four-link with coil-overs and a Strange-fortified 9-inch Ford axle. The Mustang is dolled up with 18- and 20-inch Budniks on Mickey Thompson tires and a Ford Sterling Gray paint job with red, silver, and gold accents. Trick Flow, Strange, Howard’s Cams, and Summit Racing helped make this Dreamcar a reality.

We showed you a rendering of the project earlier; now take a closer look at the real thing here:




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Author: David Fuller

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