Dodge Viper ACR, Front Profile

The Dodge Viper will officially end production on August 31, and the Detroit plant that produced it will be permanently shuttered, according to Automotive News and several reports.

The Viper’s demise was no secret. Dodge announced in late 2015 that it would be discontinuing the V10 sports car; however, this the first confirmation of an exact “death date” by Fiat Chrysler. It’s also the first official word that the Conner Avenue plant would be permanently shut down. The plant was home to the Viper since 1995 and employed over 80 workers, who will be moved to other plants.

Although sagging sales were mainly to blame—only 630 were sold last year—the Viper’s inability to comply with federal safety standards requiring side-curtain airbags was a final blow to its viability. And the rise of the Hellcat- and Demon-powered Challengers probably didn’t help much either.

Learn more about the Viper’s exit in this Automotive News article.

There is a bit of good news: there are some rumors that the Viper could be resurrected at a future date. And the aftermarket does have plenty of parts for Dodge Vipers, too.

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Author: David Fuller

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