Somewhere, the General is smiling.

No, we’re not talking about “The General” Bobby Knight, who coached Indiana University to NCAA basketball championships in 1976, 1981, and 1987.

Even then, that guy wasn’t smiling.

We’re referring to General Motors, which is guaranteed a victory in our 2017 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Engine Edition). Our championship match-up features the Chevy 427 L88 against the Buick 455, Stage 1.

And you get to decide the winner!

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Finals Match-Up

Chevy L88 427 vs. Buick 455, Stage 1

If this were the actual NCAA basketball tournament, there would be 100 talking heads discussing the merits of each engine. For our match-up, what’s left to say, really? We’ve covered both engines pretty well in our previous posts, but here’s the gist of what you should know:

The Buick 455 Stage 1  was a $115 upgrade to Buick’s already-potent 455 big block. It featured cylinder heads designed to accept larger 2.12/1.75-inch intake/exhaust valves, increased compression from 10.0:1 to 10.5:1, and boasted a more-aggressive camshaft. Buick gave the Stage 1 a factory rating just 10 horsepower more than the base engine, but many muscle car historians put the increase closer to 50, for a total output near 400 horsepower.

En route to the finals, the Buick 455, Stage 1 knocked off the Ford Cobra Jet 428 and Pontiac SD-455. It then scored a bracket-busting victory over the Chrysler 426 HEMI in our Final Four.

Is Chevy next?

Like its finals opponent, the Chevy L88 427 was an upgraded version of an already-impressive engine. This competition-grade iteration of the Chevy 427 used a racing cam, solid lifters, high-flow aluminum heads, and other competition parts. The legendary L88 Corvette produced over 430 horsepower; however, that number is considered grossly underrated.

The L88 took out the Chrysler 440 Six Pack, Chevy 454 LS6, and Ford 427 Medium Riser. Can it knock off the juggernaut Buick 455, Stage 1?

Let your voice be heard and check tomorrow for the results.


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Author: David Fuller

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