LAS VEGAS, NV — It goes without saying, but Steve McQueen was a pretty darn good driver.

Anyone who’s seen Bullitt knows that.

But just imagine if he had Hotchkis suspension gear on his now-iconic 1968 Mustang Fastback. That was the idea behind Hotchkis’ 1968 HP-427 Mustang. It’s a nod to the Bullitt Mustang and the insane car chase scene that made it famous, but it sports modern suspension technology. It’s the type of technology that would’ve made McQueen scarier behind the wheel.

The HP-427 Mustang features a Hotchkis Total Vehicle Suspension with Hotchkis 1.5 performance shocks. The Hotchkis guys then worked with Summit Racing to obtain many of the other parts on the car. Wilwood Superlite 4R brakes with 13-inch rotors are tasked with slowing down the 530-horsepower pony. The car’s Hillborn-topped 427-cubic-inch powerplant is attached to a Tremec TKO 6-speed transmission which transfers power to a Currie 9-inch rear-end. The wheels and many trim pieces are from Scott Drake.

The car is covered in Huntington Green paint with gold flake.

Browse the photos below for a closer look:








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Author: David Fuller

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