Once again, it’s time to let your voices be heard.

No, we’re not referring to America’s presidential election. We’re talking about something much more important: The 3rd Annual OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Awards.

This is where you get to make decisions on America’s real hot-button topics — topics like the best current high performance car… or who makes the best diesel engine…or which auto-related TV show or YouTube channel is tops.

Red state? Blue state? Drunken state? It doesn’t matter your current location or condition, because anyone is eligible to participate. Here’s how:

The Nominees


Best Current Model (2016) High Performance Car

Plan A). Get all five cars and settle this behind the wheel.

Plan B). The “B” stands for budget, which is something we really don’t have. So instead we settle this by democratic vote — your vote.

Your nominees:

Best American Vehicle Make

Back in the day, Louis Chevrolet, Henry Ford, and the Dodge Bros. would have handled this issue by hiking up their trousers and throwing a bunch of fives. We’re more refined here, so we put it to a vote. Bully for us.

Best Current Full Size Truck

What constitutes “best” here?

Is it the most grunt? Greatest payload capacity? Or is it some combination of features and performance? You tell us.

The nominees:


Best Current American V8 Engine

It’s 2016, and we still don’t have the flux capacitor.

Turns out automakers were too busy focusing on ways to make factory V8 engines more powerful and fuel efficient. They did both. And they did it without plutonium or Mr. Fusion.

Here are our nominees for the best V8s of 2016:

Best New Product

How do you choose just five nominees from the hundreds of new products introduced over the past year? We talk to the Summit Racing folks to see what customers are buzzin’ about, then make an unscientific list.

Here’s what we came up with:

Top Television/Web Series

Here’s where we do our best name-dropping.

Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld are part of our list. Plus, we’ve included shows from the always-entertaining Richard Rawlings and the popular gang at Powernation TV.

And we don’t know any of them (OK, we sort of know Freiburger).

We do know their shows, though, and we like them all for different reasons. What’s your favorite?

  • Jay Leno’s Garage
  • Roadkill
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  • Fast n’ Loud
  • Powernation TV

Top News Story

Remember Fahrvergnugen?

For Volkswagen, that translates into: The good old days.

It’s been a rough year for Volkswagen, but an OnAllCylinders Readers’ Choice Award would make it all better, right? On the flip side, it’s been a great year for Jason Line, Greg Anderson, and the rest of NHRA Pro Stock as they’ve made a smooth transition to EFI.

Here are all the nominees for top news story:


2016-Build-StyleBest Build Style

Here’s where you get to put your “judgy” pants on.

Vote for your favorite and then tell us why traditional street rods are cooler than rat rods — or vice versa. Or tell us how Pro Street is out even though it won this category last year. Just don’t expect us to sit here in our black satin Summit jacket and chime in on style. That’s your job.

  • Rat Rod
  • Traditional Street Rod
  • Pro Touring
  • Classic Restoration
  • Pro Street

Favorite YouTube Channel

Remember when you thought 54 cable channels were too many? Well, our latest informal count has placed the amount of YouTube channels at roughly a gazillion (give or take).  A few YouTube channels are actually worth watching. Here are our nominees for best auto-related YouTube channels:

2016-best-Diesel-engineBest Diesel Engine

Back when satin Summit jackets were all the rage and there were 54 cable channels on TV, diesel engines were considered dirty and noisy. They’ve come a long way since then and are now the preferred engine for many light truck (and yes, car) owners.

Here are the nominees for best diesel engine:

Pioneer Award (Most Iconic Aftermarket Product)

This year’s Pioneer Award focuses on parts that changed the aftermarket. We unveiled our Top 20 most iconic parts of all time here, but these five made the cut as our nominees for the Readers’ Choice Awards.

Best Carburetor Manufacturer

Are you an old school carburetion guy?

Then you may be impressed by the old school heavy-hitters on this list of nominees. If we missed your favorite carb maker, write it in and tell us why we suck. But keep it clean. Our moms once claimed they read this blog.

Best Aftermarket Wheel Manufacturer

The right rims can make or break a hot rod.

Companies like Cragar and American Racing have produced legendary wheels over the years. Guys like Chip Foose have designed and inspired some of today’s more cutting-edge styles. So what’s the best wheel brand?

Here are our nominees:

2016-best-efiBest Aftermarket EFI System

Bringing EFI to your classic car is easier and more affordable than ever. The question is: Which system has made it the easiest and most affordable? Furthermore, which aftermarket system gives you the best performance for your money?

Our nominees:


Best Non-V8 Performance Engine

Who says bigger is better?

Certainly no one we know has ever said or even implied that. Ever. And certainly not the manufacturers of these non-V8 engines, which deliver outstanding performance from a small package.

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Author: David Fuller

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