Does your car have what it takes to cruise at highways speeds for extended distances? Does it also have what it takes to outrace the competition a quarter-mile at a time? And do you have the mechanical skills and mental ability to make your vehicle do both — and do them both well?

If so, you might be Rocky Mountain Race Week material. The event is the ultimate test of mental toughness, driving/racing ability, and mechanical skills. Participants must drive their vehicle from track to track and then compete on the quarter mile at four different dragstrips — Kearney Raceway, Bandimere Speedway, Pueblo Motorsports Park, and S.R.C.A Dragstrip. It includes five travel/race days and two travel-only days that cover thousands of miles in the span of a week.

Don’t miss the fun.

Check out BangShift’s coverage on their Facebook page as Chad Reynolds posts updates from the highways, tracks, roadside stops, hotel parking lots, greasy spoons, and more. And then tune in here for live streaming coverage of the competition at each track, courtesy of BangShift.



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Author: David Fuller

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