(image courtesy of RoadandTrack.com)

(image courtesy of RoadandTrack.com)

Well this is going well.

After a disappointing debut, the reboot of Top Gear BBC may be poised to hit another speed bump. According to sources at The Sun, which has been all over the Top Gear drama for the past year, Matt LeBlanc has threatened to quit the show unless co-host Chris Evans is relieved of his duties. You can read more about that report here.

Meanwhile, in the United States, where the show hosts actually seem to get along, Top Gear USA has been canceled by the History Channel. Co-host (and friend of OnAllCylinders) Rutledge Wood announced the show’s cancellation on his Facebook page. Top Gear USA was in the midst of its sixth season, but the last episode will air tomorrow night.

Wood thanks co-hosts Tanner Foust and Adam Ferrara in his Facebook post and seemed to leave open the possibility that the show could move to another network. You can check out Wood’s Facebook post and Motor Authority’s take on the situation here.

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Author: David Fuller

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