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Top Gear on History co-host and all-around nice guy Rutledge Wood has a problem. He got himself a killer 1968 Camaro that he will be driving on the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour this June. The car was one of two stunt cars driven by Rut’s Top Gear pal Tanner Foust in the movie Need for Speed.

The Camaro has a Chevrolet Performance LS3 crate engine hooked to a Tremec five-speed and a 3.73-geared Currie Enterprises Ford 9 inch rear axle. Suspension consists of a Heidt’s Mustang II front setup and leaf springs out back. Brakes are Wilwood discs with a ‘drift brake’ for doing burnouts and donuts.

Sounds like a great combination, right? For Rutledge, it’s almost there. He’s not thrilled with current rear suspension. He’d like to put in better seats. And the wheels are not quite to his liking.

Since he’s having quite the time figuring out what to do, Rutledge would like your input. We’re going to give you some ideas for the suspension, wheels, and seats. You pick the ones you like; we’ll tally up the results and the parts with the most votes get put on the Camaro. It’s like building the car without paying for it!

You can place your vote May 3 through May 5 at Rutledge’s Facebook page, Summit Racing’s Facebook page, or in the comments section at the bottom of this page. You can also send a note to Rutledge via Twitter. We’ll let you know which parts got the most votes.

So help a fellow gearhead out and be a part of a cool Power Tour ride. If you need more convincing, watch the attached video from Rut himself and then check out the parts options below!

A. Rear Suspension—Choose ONE Package

Option 1: Hotchkis Leaf Spring Package
Leaf Spring Package with Bushings (HSS-2407C)
1.5 Street Performance Series Shocks (HSS-71020012)

Option 2: Heidt’s Four-Link Package
ProG Four-Link Kit (HDT-RC-101-WT)
Stabilizer Bar (HDT-SB-009)

B. Wheels­—Choose ONE

Option 1: Forgeline ZX3, 18 x 9.5 (FGM-ZX31895)

Option 2: American Racing Torque Thrust II, 18 x 9.5 (ARE-4058957350)

C. Seats—Choose ONE

Option 1: TMI Sport R Pro-Series Seats, Houndstooth Insert (TIP-50000057)

Option 2: Summit Racing Seat Pro Pack with Scat 1000 Seats (CMB-27-0003)

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Author: David Fuller

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