Buried electrical conduit for outdoor racetrack lighting

Trenches are dug to accommodate the 4,500 of conduit, which will house the wiring for Summit Motorports Park’s new lighting. (Image/Summit Motorsports Park)

Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH has long been regarded as one of the finest racing facilities in the United States. Now the Northern Ohio dragstrip will shine brighter than ever among American’s top tracks thanks to a $400,000 lighting upgrade.

“This will improve the fan experience because they’ll be able to see better, and it will improve the driver experience, because they’ll have consistent lighting from one end of the track to the next end of the track,” Bill Bader, Jr., Summit Motorsports Park president, said on the track’s website.

The project is being performed by internationally known company Musco and the park’s facilities manager, Matt Welsh, is overseeing the installation. It will feature 15 galvanized steel poles on the Budweiser side of the dragstrip from the head of staging to the sandtrap, where an additional pole will be located on the Summit side the track. Each of the light poles will receive more than a hundred 1,500-watt luminaries.

Bader believes the new lights will provide substantial energy savings over standard lighting systems as well as minimal spill and glare light.

Musco has always been in the foreground as an energy-conscious company,” Bader, Jr. said. “They also are the industry leader in source lighting for all types of sports, not just drag racing. They have patented technology that allows them to capture light and direct it without light loss.”

The new lights are slated to debut at the 10th Annual Cavalcade of Stars event, May 20-22. Bader is also excited to showcase the lights at the 10th Annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in June.

“We’ll officially have the best-lit track on the NHRA tour,” he said.

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Author: David Fuller

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