Well — sort of.

A Corvette wagon won’t be available from Chevrolet any time soon, but Callaway Cars has stepped up to make a seventh-generation Corvette wagon an actual thing. Best known for making supercharged Corvettes, Camaros, and other Chevy vehicles available through select Chevrolet dealers, Callaway was introduced its AeroWagen Package for C7 Corvette Stingway and Z06 coupes.

The AeroWagen Package, also known as the “shooting brake package” will be available to C7 owners at some point during the last quarter of 2016, but Callaway is taking orders now. It basically consists of a new hatch that replaces the sloping glass portion of the factory top. The one-piece hatch is made from carbon fiber composite material that you paint to match the rest of the car, giving the vehicle wagon-like lines. According to Callaway, installation is fairly straightforward, and it’s easy to swap back to the original hatch.

Callaway expects the AeroWagen Package to provide a significant increase in cargo volume compared to the factory setup. The company also predicts a slight reduction in overall drag coefficient. You can get more information on the setup on the Callaway website, but still no word on final pricing.

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Author: David Fuller

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