Peterbilt Cummins Rat Rod

A Cummins-powered Peterbilt Rat Rod Semi??

That’s maybe the best way to describe one of the most unique vehicles at a show full of them.

The 855-cubic-inch Cummins-powered Peterbilt is proudly on display in the Hot Rod Asylum at the 50th edition of the Summit Racing Equipment Piston Powered Autorama, which runs through Sunday at the Cleveland I-X Center.

We’ll track down more info on the truck. In the meantime, enjoy more pictures below.

Peterbilt Rat Rod

Cummins Peterbilt

855 Cummins in Peterbilt

Side: Peterbilt Cummins Rat Rod

Peterbilt Rat Rod

Diesel Peterbilt Rat Rod

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Author: Sean Cutright

Sean Cutright is the Managing Editor.