Goodyear is thinking outside of the box — er, circle.

The tire manufacturer introduced the Eagle-360, a spherical tire that would be suspended from a car by magnetic fields, at the Geneva Motor Show. Goodyear designed Eagle-360 tires for future autonomous vehicles and says they would offer a wide range of benefits. By using magnetic fields, Goodyear claims that passenger comfort would be improved and road noise would be greatly reduced. The ball-shaped design of the tires also allow them to move in all directions, so you’d be able to move your car from side to side.

That’s right — no more parallel parking! You can just move your vehicle horizontally into a parking space.

Of course, the Eagle-360 is just concept right now, and there are still some major obstacles to overcome — both with the tires and autonomous vehicles — before you see it on the roadways. However, you can see how they work in this video.

Author: David Fuller

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