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2016 Detroit Autorama Great 8 Images Leaked

Doors just opened at the 2016 Detroit Autorama, and we have the early look at the Great 8 finalists for the 2016 Ridler Award.

Take a look at this year’s Great 8 below, and vote in the comments section for the car you’d like to see win the 2016 Ridler.

1938 Graham 97

Owner: Michael and Patricia Markin
Class: Radical Custom Hot Rod Coupe ’35-’48

1952 Mercedes 170S

Owner: Mark Gooden
Class: Radical Hardtop

1941 Ford Truck

Owner: Richard and Lynn Broyles
Class: Radical Custom Rod Pickup ’35-’47

1961 Chevrolet Impala 2-Door Hard Top

Owner: Joe Horisk
Class: Radical Custom Wagon

1937 Ford Coupe

Owner: Kenny’s Rod Shop
Class: Full Custom Rod Coupe ’35-‘48

1940 Willys Coupe

Owner: Greg Malvaso
Class: Street Machine Custom Rod ’35-‘48

1976 Ford Falcon Coupe

Owner: Chris and Colleen Bitmead
Class: Full Hardtop

1939 Oldsmobile

Owner: Billy and Debbie Thomas
Class: Radical Custom Rod Convertible ’35-‘48

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  1. 41 Ford pick up

  2. 1939 Olds, in a class by itself!!

  3. For falcon coupe absolutely awesome.

  4. 1938 Graham

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  10. Paul Mathless says:

    It’s too bad the overwhelming ceiling-light reflections and the opening of every body part that will open prevent us from appreciating what each car really looks like.

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