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Ride Guides: A Quick Guide to Identifying 1973-96 Ford Trucks

The Ford F-150 has been America’s top-selling pickup truck for 38 years running.

And the first 18 of those years stretched between Ford F-Series trucks spanning Ford’s sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth-generation pickups, which is the focus of our latest Ride Guide.

We already gave you the map for learning how to identify the first three generations of Ford F-series trucks in our Quick Guide to Identifying 1948-60 Ford Pickups. We also showed you how to properly identify fourth-generation (1961-66) Ford trucks.

Now, learn how to identify Ford F-Series trucks from 1973 through 1996:

(Infographic by Lori Sams)

(Infographic by Lori Sams)

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  1. The 1978 could also have square headlights depending on the option package, just like the 1979.

  2. 1987-91 are the same. 1992-96 are the same the years are incorrect.

    • I always though 1980-’96 were all part of the same generation, just 1987 being the start of a mid generation refresh!

  3. DIDIER GUYOT says:

    ’80-’81 was already with centered badge !!!

  4. It should be 92-971/2 as the 97 250HD is the same style

  5. 9th Generation F-150 was ’92-’96 and the 9th generation F-250/350 would be ’92-’97

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