1. John Darby 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

  2. 52 Ford

  3. michael james says:

    1952 Ford f1

  4. 68 Yenko Chevelle clone

  5. terry allen says:

    beautiful ’68 Mustang fastback! (and, unless you’re “Grumpy”, why would you turn a Nova into a ’77 Vega clone?)

  6. Byram Rollins says:

    Evidently they don’t read the original post. It’s a Vega. Not a nova.

  7. RICHARD H SMITH says:

    How do you submit? I have submitted pics to the Summit photos page for years, and never seen mine there…and have had some cherry, high dollar cars pictured. Maybe I can get in your pages???? Thanks!

  8. Well I’m definitely going with the Cougar

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