1. I am a Ford man, but this body style of Charger has always looked bad ass! Love your determination to work with your illnesses. Just right paint and love the old school wheels!

  2. Mike & Wilma Dugger says:

    AWESOME Charlie. Prayers for you.

  3. Charlie, I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. As a fellow ’68 Charger owner, my family and I wish you the best. Love the flat black and that massive front spoiler.

  4. LANCE FRASIER says:

    I’m a Chevy guy, but this piece sure looks awesome, can appreciate the labor that went into it, especially with your disease issues….best and well earned

  5. Leslie Moore says:

    Fine photography, excellent writing, professional restoration, what more could a fellow mopar muscle car man ask for? Thanks
    Thanks again

  6. Alan Rutland says:

    Hey Charlie. Nice ride and what determination. I also have a 68 Charger and was wondering if you made or purchased the front spoiler. My car is at the top of the page that i ran on Street Outlaws.

  7. Great effort considering your battles, Charlie.
    Saw the link to this page on DC.com

  8. Hi Charlie. I’m sorry about your health issues. Prayers for you. You did an amazing job on the charger. I have a 69 RT. I love the hood. Where did you ever find it? Please take care. Dan.

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