It’s October 21, 2015.

According to the Back to the Future trilogy, the future is now. We should all be driving around in garbage-powered flying cars and floating around on hoverboards. Instead we have selfie sticks, Snapchat, and vaping.

Gee, the future sure isn’t what it was cracked up to be.

Although there are some pretty awesome, albeit non-flying, cars on October 21, 2015, we’ve decided to spend Back to the Future Day traveling back in time to the movie’s original time destination: 1955. It was the birth year of the legendary small block Chevy, iconic Chevy Tri-Five, and venerable Ford Thunderbird. When Marty McFly picked up the newspaper to see the date, he may very well have seen some of the vintage ads from one of the greatest years in American automobile history.

We can all see the automotive landscape of October 21, 2015, so here’s some authentic automotive flavor (perhaps created by Don Draper himself) from 1955.




















Chevy Delivery



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Author: David Fuller

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