Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week is upon us again.

If you have never witnessed the automotive spectacle that is Drag Week, this is one amazing week of fast cars and trucks, and you can watch it live on the Motor Trend YouTube Channel.

How does Drag Week work?

Drivers find one of fifteen classes that fit with the setup of their car. Over the course of five days and four dragstrips, drivers will try and get the fastest average time for their class. Now here is the catch: The driver can’t trailer the vehicle they enter between tracks. All drag vehicles must be driven and street legal, so that means license plates and insurance are required.

One of the most exciting classes to watch is the Unlimited class. The Unlimited class is just that–unlimited with very little restrictions except for NHRA safety rules. One of the cars to watch this week is that of Jeff Lutz. You may recognize the name and face because Lutz has been seen hanging around Street Outlaws’ Justin Shearer and Shawn Ellington at their shop, Midwest Street Cars Automotive. You may also know Lutz because he won Drag Week 2014 with an average time of 6.845 at 212.13 miles-per-hour. This year Jeff has decided to go for the win using his Outlaw Pro Mod Camaro powered by a turbo 526-cubic-inch big block Chevy. On check in and tech day for Hot Rod Drag Week 2015, Jeff put down a test pass of 6.05 at 249 miles-per-hour. Yes, we said that was a test pass. You can watch it for yourself in the video below.

Be sure to check out the Live Feed of Drag Week all this week.

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Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders