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1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda Convertible Goes for $2.25M at Auction!

(image courtesy of Motor Authority).

(image courtesy of Motor Authority).

1970 HEMI ‘Cuda convertibles are rare.

Only 14 of these highly collectible, sought-after cars were produced. When one comes up for sale or auction, you know there will be some serious dollars flying around. At this year’s Mecum’s Monterey Auction, for example, a buyer paid $2.25 million for one of the nine ’70 HEMI ‘Cuda convertibles fitted with an automatic gearbox. This particular car was the personal company lease of John Herlitz, one of the Mopar execs responsible for the very styling of the car.

The multi-million dollar HEMI ‘Cuda was just one of many cars up for auction during Monterey Car Week. Motor Authority did a great job of covering the event, which included auctions, car shows, and racing at Laguna Seca Raceway.

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  1. It’s a beautiful car. The only problem I have is these ungodly rich guy’s that buy these cars, put them away never drive them, just to make a buck. Oh, I just can’t see it, A car was mint to be driven. And don’t tell me about conserving them.Drive em darnit.

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