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Roadkill vs. Gas Monkey Garage: The Junkyard Challenge is On–But Who Will Win?


The fight is officially on to see who can build the best junkyard racer.

The guys from the popular web series Roadkill threw out a challenge to the Gas Monkey Garage team (as seen on Discovery’s Fast & Loud) to see who can build the best junkyard racer and take it 1,000 miles. It took a couple months of endless prodding, but the Gas Monkey gang finally accepted the challenge (you can see Gas Monkey’s Richard Rawlings accept here).

In one corner, you have Roadkill‘s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan. These guys are experts in the fine art of budget builds, junkyard scrounging, and junk. The guys at BangShift put it best:

“So long as it does not involve making something look good, making something operate with a hood permanently affixed, making something get somewhere on a very tight time schedule, making something comfortable, making something that does not leak, making something that you’d want your kids to ride in, making something where tetanus is less a chance and more a “when” type thing, making something that has four good tires, or making something that has hydraulics for suspension, we think that David and Mike have a good shot [at] cleaning house here.”

In the other corner, you have Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage master mechanic Aaron Kaufman, who has promised to bring his “D game” to the party. The rules are still a little sketchy, but one thing’s for sure: This challenge will not be short on personality.

What’ll win the day? The build skills and combined experience of the Gas Monkey team or the frugality and ingenuity of the Roadkill guys? Stay tuned…

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  1. I tried to like Fast & Loud, but like all tv “reality” shows they’re scripted and the acting and manufactured drama is terrible. Roadkill is a lot more genuine.

  2. says:

    Roadkill had another shop build their car. Case closed..

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