(Image courtesy of pixgood.com)

(Image courtesy of pixgood.com)

Jeremy Clarkson has been fired from Top Gear, the BBC confirmed Wednesday.

Clarkson’s contract “will not be renewed by the BBC, marking the end of his time as Top Gear presenter,” BBC director general Tony Hall said.

Clarkson was suspended on March 10 after allegedly verbally abusing and physically attacking Top Gear staffer Oisin Tymon in a hotel.

Clarkson was reportedly upset because hot food wasn’t provided for him after a day of filming.

No complaint was filed. Clarkson reported himself to BBC officials following the incident.

Clarkson is wildly popular with Top Gear fans. More than a million of them signed an online petition asking for his immediate reinstatement after news of his suspension broke two weeks ago.

Top Gear is the BBC’s most popular show and the network has plans to keep airing it without Clarkson.

Some media watchers are skeptical the show will be able to maintain its popularity in Clarkson’s absence.

Popular Mechanics writer Alex Nunez wrote: “Top Gear without Clarkson will be a debacle on the level of The Office after Steve Carell left,” and that there is “no word yet on whether James May and Richard Hammond will stay on (their contracts are also expiring).”

BBC officials spent Clarkson’s suspension period mulling over whether to reinstate the popular television host, or move on. In the end, Clarkson’s transgression proved too great for BBC officials to accept.

“A line has been crossed,” Hall said about Clarkson’s behavior, adding that he “cannot condone what has happened on this occasion.”

The Telegraph has reported that Netflix may be trying to secure Clarkson’s services for its rapidly growing streaming-video offering of original programming.

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