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That’s the number of Presidents we’ve had here in the U.S. of A.

All are supposedly honored on this Presidents Day. A few have been immortalized on U.S. currency. But just four have been so widely celebrated that their giant likenesses have been carved into the side of the mountain. Somewhere, we can hear Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt saying “Aw, you shouldn’t have. No, really…you shouldn’t have.”

Mt. Rushmore has become a sort of measuring stick for greatness. How often have you heard people ask: “Who’s on the Mt. Rushmore of basketball players…or rock bands…or [fill in the blank here]? It applies to automotive categories, too. For example, we’ve decided to use this Presidents Day to unveil the Mt. Rushmore of American trucks/SUVs. Because what’s more ‘merican than trucks?

To chisel out our Mt. Rushmore of American trucks, we relied heavily on input from Summit Racing Facebook Fans, who supplied their opinions on the best classic trucks, off-road vehicles, diesel pickups, and late model rigs. From that input, we present the Mt. Rushmore of American trucks, starting with…

The 1967-72 Chevrolet C/K Pickup (Action Line)

Some guys want a ground-scraping sport truck. Some want a classic restored American pickup. And others just want a bad-a** street hauler.

The 1967-72 Chevrolet C/K pickup could be all of those things—and more! That’s why we’d call the 1967-72 Chevrolet C/K pickup the poster child for classic pickups (with apologies to the Ford F100 and Chevrolet 3100s before it). Available with a variety of classic Chevrolet engines283, 327, and 396 (on later models), the second-generation C/K truck is known for its darn-near bulletproof powertrain. The trucks are also accessible and attainable. Relatively speaking, there are lots of two-wheel drive models available and they can be had, in many cases, for a reasonable price.

That makes it the everyman’s pickup for hot rodding, customizing, or restoring.

A Little History

When the Action Line was introduced, Chevrolet designers had hoped the truck would appear a little less “trucky.”Accordingly, the 1967 C/K pickup ushered in a drastic change in design from the previous generation. It featured a more modern look with rounded corners and interior comfort and convenience items. Other features on the truck include double-walled steel beds and a coil spring trailing arm rear suspension on the light-duty two-wheel drive models. This helped give the truck an almost car-like ride and handling.

The 1967-72 C/K pickup line offered unheard of interior luxury and helped change the way people think about pickups. Until now, trucks were considered work vehicles, but the Action Line offered wall-to-wall carpeting and optional bucket seats. Later models even came with woodgrain trim, air conditioning, and AM/FM push-button radio.

Still Going Strong

The 1967-72 C/K pickup remains a highly popular choice among classic truck enthusiasts. Its versatility, along with the truck’s affordability, make the Action Line a fixture at car shows. Plus, the second-generation pickup still serves at inspiration for today’s GM trucks.

A quick look at some popular parts upgrades for C/K pickups provides a glimpse of the truck’s potential:

Today, the 1967-72 Chevrolet C/K pickup takes its rightful place on your Mt. Rushmore of American trucks.

Check back throughout Presidents Day as we reveal the rest of our landmark trucks.

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