The “Big Game” is just a day away.

By now, Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll have their game plans in place. The Patriots ball boy has his marching orders, and Marshawn Lynch has already crafted his post-game speech to the media. But we could still use your help here at OnAllCylinders. We need you to help us vote for (and possibly even rank) the best auto-related ads from the game.”

Here are all the auto-oriented commercials that have been released ahead of this year’s game. While a few more could possibly show up on Sunday, you won’t find anything from GM, Ford, or Lincoln. According to CNBC, those brands have opted not to spend the $4.5 million to run a 30-second commercial; however, Fiat Chrysler will run three not-yet-released spots during Sunday’s game. By some estimates, car companies overall bought about half as many advertising slots for the game compared to last year.

But there’s still plenty of potential for good commercials.

So grab your coffee, watch the ads below, and tell us which ones are the best in the comments section below. You’ll also have an opportunity to vote for your favorites via the Summit Racing Facebook page following the game.


Kia: The Perfect Getaway


BMW i3: Newfangled Idea


Mercedes: Fable


Lexus: Make Some Noise

BMW i3: Being Human

Toyota: To Be a Dad

Toyota: How Great Am I

Nissan: 3withdad (10-second Preview)

Weathertech: America at Work

Dodge: Wisdom

Jeep: Beautiful Lands

Fiat: The Fiat Blue Pill

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Author: David Fuller

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