LAS VEGAS, NV–Parts, parts, and more parts.

At this point, we’re seeing engine blocks, pistons, and wheels in our sleep. Still, we pressed on today to find some more new products you may be able to use.

DSCN2616Auto Meter LCD Competition Dash

Auto Meter says the future of data acquisition display systems will arrive December 15. That’s when this LCD Competition Dash will begin shipping. It features a 7-inch display with unmatched daytime and nighttime viewing. Sixteen integrated multi-color configurable indicator lights display pre-programmed warnings and shift points, and a combination of analog and digital readouts offers superior precision. It also has a configurable CAN input for PCM connections and accepts up to 12 discrete sensor inputs.



Edelbrock E-Force Supercharged Crate Engines

DSCN2612Edelbrock Enforcer Crate Engines deliver big block power in a small package. This 350-cubic-inch crate motor combines RPM E-Tec 200 cylinder heads with an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger to deliver 519 horsepower and 507 ft.-lbs. of torque. Other features include forged crankshaft, hydraulic roller camshaft, and mean black powdercoated finish.



DSCN2622COMP Cams Ford Mustang Coyote CR Series Camshafts

The first new cam and core series for 2015 and later Coyote engines, these Coyote CR Series cams improve upon the 2011-14 XFI camshaft series by offering faster ramps, more lift, and more area under the lift curve. COMP Cams is offering versions for naturally aspirated engines as well as blower applications.



DSCN2626RHS LS Solid Aluminum Race Block

This new block by RHS is ideal for competition that does not allow the use of billet blocks. Featuring a solid water jacket design and A357-T6 material, it offers superior crankcase strength and rigidity–perfect for crank-mounted blowers. The block utilizes the LSX 6-head bolt design as in the original LS race block, but the head stud fastener diameter has been increased to 1/2-inch for the inboard head studs and 3/8-inch for the fifth and sixth studs. The result is increased clamping force for improved head gasket retention. Standard and tall deck versions allow for customization to 502 cubic inches.



DSCN2647BluePrint Engines Muscle Series Cylinder Heads

BluePrint has launched the Muscle Series line of cylinder heads designed toprovide your small block Chevy with an affordable power increase. The heads feature 64cc combustion chambers, 195cc intake runners, and dual 1.437-inch valve springs that will handle up to .575 inches of lift. The heads come fully assembled with 2.020-inch intake/1.600-inch exhaust valves, retainers, locks, rocker arm studs, 5/16-inch guideplates, and machined valve guides–all for under 900 bucks!



DSCN2631Wilwood TX6R Tactical Xtreme Heavy-Duty Front Truck Brake Kits

Wilwood delivers the heavy-duty stopping power your rig needs with this new TX6R kit. It combines a hard anodized 6-piston calipers with a 14.25-inch slotted rotors and BP-20 brake pad compound. It all adds up to faster stopping for your hard-working truck.



Paramount Restyling GrillesDSCN2584

There wasn’t one grille in particular that stood out here. We were impressed with the styling on almost all of these Paramount Restyling grilles, and you can get one for a seemingly endless amount of late model applications.



DSCN2618Trick Flow Intake Manifold for Big Block Mopar

We told you about Trick Flow Specialties’ new big block Mopar cylinder head on the opening day of SEMA. The company also introduced this brand-new Track Heat intake manifold to pair with the cylinder heads for the ultimate in airflow and power production. The single-plane manifold will maximize airflow and velocity to really help the heads breathe freely in the upper rpm range.




DSCN2614Pertronix Flame-Thrower GM HEI 4-Pin Module

Available for all popular GM applications, the new Flame-Thrower GM HEI III 4-Pin Module features multiple sparks through the entire rpm range and includes an integrated digital rev limiter with LED feedback for precise rpm setting. The new module incorporates all the features found in Pertronix’s  Ignitor III points replacement module including adaptive dwell, peak current control for increased coil performance, sparking timing adjustment at high rpm to compensate for electronic delay, increased energy at startup for quicker cranking, and built-in reverse polarity and over current protection.

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Author: David Fuller

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